The idea for “The Man” was born many, many moons ago, when I first saw a traffic sign with a Kangaroo on it. I figured, if you can put a Kangaroo on it, you can put anything else on it, right? The first design with a surfer who's appearance reminds of a cave man, was quickly realized and then, one day when I was sick and felt terrible (go figure), I came up with a whole lot of other scenarios for the character.

I sat on these designs for years and even lost quite a few of them in a computer crash, but the idea was always there. I just never had the time to realize it and turn it into something tangible. Well, I sold my share of the business I had started in 2008, took a long road trip on my motorcycle and then I finally had the time and the energy to do the things I had always wanted to do. The book was first (it’s almost done) and “The Man” came back onto the picture.

I have now recreated quite a few of the designs again, have come up with some other designs and have even introduced another character “The Wo-Man”. With the technology of Direct to Garment Printing so rapidly evolving, we can now offer T-Shirts and other printable goods, via “Print on Demand”.

The upside is that I see a chance to fulfill another dream: The one where I can actually give back to the community where it is really needed - $1.00 of every regular price T-Shirt sold goes towards the local school system... not the schools with plenty of support by Parents and/or businesses, NO, I am talking about the ones that actually don’t have that support and are often in desperate need of teaching aides. So, order a shirt or two, have some fun and feel good, knowing that you are helping some kids to enjoy a better way of learning!

Full product description and ordering info will come soon... so, keep checking!

Thank you!

Ralf Wilkowski


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